PC & Networking

Out of Box PC Setup
We can physically connect and setup your new PC or laptop. Assistance is also available in setting up software applications and virus programs.

PC/Laptop Tune-Up and Virus Removal
Is your PC/Laptop booting up and running slow? Have your PC/Laptop tuned up and any viruses or malware removed.

Software Installation
Assistance is available with your software installation needs.

Wireless Networking Install, configure and secure your wireless router.
Let us configure your PC/Laptop or other devices to connect wirelessly.

E-Mail Setup / Troubleshooting
Setup and configure your e-mail via web access or e-mail client (Outlook, etc.).

Printer, Scanner & Fax Setup
Setup or troubleshoot your printer, scanner or fax machine.

Hardware Installation
Installation & configuration of video cards, hard drives, optical drives, etc.

Home Audio & Video

Setup Consultation
Best practices for home theater setup and installations based on the room and surroundings.

In-Wall Wiring
Conceal your power, speaker, HDMI and other cables for a clean theater room installation.

Remote Control Programming
Programming of standard and advanced remote controls.

Audio Tuner Setup & Configuration
Connection of devices and audio calibration tailored to your room and preferences.

Television & Projector Setup
Flat panel & front/rear projection equipment setup and calibration.

Pricing Information
• In-Home Hourly charge – $65.00
• In-Home Minimum ½ hour – $40.00
• Lab Time/Hour – $50.00
• Equipment Pick-Up – Atkins FREE
• Equipment Delivery – Atkins FREE
• Equipment Pick-Up – Outside Atkins $15.00
• Equipment Delivery – Outside Atkins $15.00